Love Shore Game

Welcome to Love Shore.

Written and co-produced alongside Son M.

August 2018 – present


Love Shore is a visual novel-slash-dating sim that takes concepts I’ve always loved in sci-fi, action, and horror media and blends them together to create something new. It features an all-queer, diverse cast, a city that transforms at night, cyborgs, old gods hidden in the depths of the criminal underground, and a story of coming into yourself and doing what you think is right…with a heavy dose of drama and violence mixed in for good measure.

We are funding the development of the game through Kickstarter from March 3rd through April 4th, and Patreon, where donors receive updates on artwork,  every week, and exclusive content every other week.

This is Farah. I write her route.

This is Farah. I write her route.

The team

Character/Sprite art: Kabo
Backgrounds/Promo art: Zi
UI Design: Sonja
Engine Development and Coding: Jason/ Stray Basilisk
Sound/Music Design: Jayson NTOROPI and IXΛXΛΛR