Werewolf Comic: In Progress

A collaborative short comic in production, slated for completion Spring 2019 for Moonlight: A Queer Werewolf Anthology.

Concept art by Jay Fondin

Concept art by Jay Fondin


“It’s just another day at the office for Mo, a transgender dude who’s really, really good at hiding the fact that he’s a werewolf. But when the office happens to be a massive national park with who-knows-what hiding within the dense forest, a regular workday as a park ranger can get a little…hairy.

The comic will follow Mo and a young coworker as they travel through the forest. As they bond, share stories, and talk about their experiences as queer folks working in a government job, they find some disturbing clues that hint that they might not be alone in the forest.

As exhausting as ancient blood feuds, mystical enemies, and monstrous creatures that go bump in the night can be, Mo finds that he has to make a choice between revealing his identity as a werewolf and protecting his new protégé, and turning tail and running.”


Writer: Emmett Nahil

Artist: Jay Fondin

Emmett and Jay, definitely not day-drinking in a park

Emmett and Jay, definitely not day-drinking in a park